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I Am The ONLY Female Chimney Technician In The Scottish Highlands Who Provides A Professional Service Ensuring My Customers Get Their Chimneys And Flues Serviced Safely, Efficiently And Effectively Every Time.

  •  I arrive ON time EVERY time!
  •  The price I quote is the price you     pay!
  •  NO mess GUARANTEED!
  •  Fully Insured Service
  • Safety Certificate Issued EVERY TIME
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01381 620943

All Chimneys and flues swept thoroughly using the latest techniques, POWER SWEEPING, alongside a vacuum clean-up service.

Chimneys serviced for all fuel types including coal, wood, smokeless fuels, gas and oil.

Bird guard, cowls and chimney pot installation and replacement service.

Bird nests and other blockage removal service.

Chimney problems diagnosed and repaired.

Fireside accessory sales.

Chimney and Health & Safety in your home advice.

Our Unrivalled 5 Point Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee I will arrive to do the job when I say I will – I work on a specific booking window e.g If you would like a 10am appointment I will arrive at 10am! – guaranteed.
Should I be held up at the previous job, I will call you to inform you of my delay and give an estimated time of arrival - guaranteed.

I guarantee I will leave the property as clean as I found it – getting your chimney swept can be a testing time as everyone is afraid that something will go wrong and their home will end up in a terrible mess.
My proven world class systems ensure your home will be as clean as it was when I have finished as it was when I arrived – guaranteed

I guarantee the cost will be as per the quote – before I arrive to carry out the work for you I will have agreed a price with you and that is the price that you will pay for the job I do. No questions asked – guaranteed

I guarantee all of my work is fully insured. This gives you peace of mind when i am carrying out work in your home. Should a disaster happen it will not cost you a penny and the inconvenience will be minimal
- guaranteed.

I guarantee to give you a safety certificate after every sweep – which I will sign and you will sign to certify that I have carried out the job(s) I said I would plus the certificate has a questionnaire Health & Safety Section that I will run through with you to give your home its very own Health Check every time we visit you - guaranteed
(The safety certificate is essential to your home insurance. Should you have a chimney fire and not have proof of maintenance, your insurance company WILL NOT pay out should you need and remedial work)